Varsity Team
Varsity Team Members have earned a spot on the respective girls and boys teams based upon their performances at Time/Event Trials and our first meet.  Click here for the boys team and here for the girls.  As the season progresses the team is subject to change.
Athlete of the Week
Congratulations to our first Athletes of the Week for the performances at the Mission Hills, Orange Glen and Olympian Tri Meet held on February 20th. Announced at the Team Meeting held on February 25th and presented with their Athlete of the Week Shirt were:​ Julio Leon, Nathaniel Long, Alex Saldivar, Mychal Perry, Cristina Garcia, Amanda Shaw and Maya Galvan. Kristian Edraisa will also receive recognition at the start of practice on February 26th.  
Picture Day
A team picture for the yearbook will be taken Friday, February 28th.  Student-Athletes should be dressed in their school issued uniform by 3:00PM.
The coaches will conduct a practice session on Saturday, February 29th from 1:30PM - 3:00PM.  This is a great opportunity to get some extra attention and instruction.  Attendance is optional. 
Track & Field Handbook 
The signature page of the Track & Field Handbook is due to Coach Adkins by February 25th.  The form must be signed and completed by both the parent and athlete.  Click here to view the handbook.
Remind App - Important Notice the REMIND App, which allows the Head Coach to send important timely gioup messages about team business.  Parents are also encouraged to sign up to stay in touch with team news.  Due to user limitations, a second group has been added as only 150 persons can be in a group.  If you have not signed up then please click here .  If you do not have a smart phone or the ability to download the app to another mobile device then ​you are encouraged to check the website or use other forms of communication to stay on top of Olympian Track & Field News.
Team Captains
As announced at the team meeting on February 25th, student-athletes who desire to serve as a team captain must make their intention known by Friday, February 28th. Send an email to Coach Adkins to have your name added to the ballot.  Nomination speeches and team voting with occur on Tuesday, March 3rd.   See the Track & Field Handbook for the criteria to be considered as a captain. 
Goal Sheet
A goal sheet was distributed at the team meeting on Tuesday.  All student athletes must complete and return on or before Friday, February 28th.  If you did not receive a copy then see a manger for a copy.  A copy is posted here along with a sample for your review.
Website Updating
Please be patient as this website is in the process of being updated.
Orange Glen, Mission Hills vs. Olympian Meet
The Olympian Eagles travel to Orange Glen High School in Escondido for our first meet of the season on February 20th.  The meet begins at 3:15PM.  Participating students are to be released from class at 10:50AM.  The bus departs at 11:30AM.  Students are to report to their respective locker rooms to dress.  Please be outside the stadium by the Eagle by 11:10AM.  Click here for the meet entries.  Athletes who are not listed may be added dependent upon individual situations.  Athletes who did not meet with the Head Coach as informed at the Wednesday practice will likely not be able to participate.  Athletes may be held back from competition once the eligibility list is received and reviewed.
Time Trials 2020 -Day 2
Time/Event Trials continue Monday, February 17th at 8:00AM.  All athletes competing are not should be at the track by 7:20AM.  A brief team meeting will be held will be held at 7:45AM with the trials to begin at 8:00AM.  Click here for entries.  Check here for the meet program.  See Day 1 information for the schedule.
Time Trials 2020 -Day 1
Time/Event Trials will be held over two days beginning Saturday, February 15th and Monday, February 17th at 8:00AM.  Click here for the schedule.  Day 1 entires are listed here. Click here for the meet program that list heat/flight information.
All athletes competing in the first events of the day should be at the track by 7:15AM for warm-up.  All others should arrive by 7:30AM.  A brief team meeting will be held in the middle of the infield (50 yard line at 7:40AM). 

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